Terms and Conditions

We truly hope you enjoy your stay with us. Please make sure to read through this page as it covers important information about best practices and safety measures to ensure a problem free stay and a very memorable experience in Costa Rica.

Dear Guest

The information below covers the policies of our company, DROPS OF RAIN, every time prior and after renting the house a thorough inventory check is made by us, making sure everything in the property is in its right place.

When a guest stays in our house we make a blank voucher as a precaution in case there are damages to the property, the building or any of the items in it.

Check-in is always made one (1) hour prior to the guest's arrival so we don't get in your way, we always encourage guests to check the house inventory and communicate any problems with the property manager.

Check-out is made by Randall Paninski and needs to be coordinated so the inventory can be properly checked with the guest prior to the guest's departure. Check-out is at noon (12:00pm). If you require cleaning services, the cost is $50.00USD per day.

House Rules

CHECK-IN POLICY: Check-in is at 10:00am. If you need to check before this time, please let us know in the reservation. Upon arrival, please report any damages, shortage of supplies, or housekeeping issues immediately.

CHECK-OUT POLICY: Check-out is promptly at noon (12:00pm). If you need to stay longer, please contact the property manager.

OCCUPANCY LIMIT: There is a maximum number of 20 people allowed to stay and sleep in the house and condos at all times.

NO SMOKING: We have a “NO SMOKING" Policy. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the House. Smoking is only permitted outside on the porches or decks. Please do not dispose of your cigarette butts in the yard or surrounding areas.

PROBLEMS WITH APPLIANCES/ELECTRICAL ITEMS: If you have any problems with any appliance or electrical item, call the property manager and every effort will be made to repair the defective item. Service calls resulting from the neglect or misuse by the guest, may result in the guest being responsible for the repair.

UTILITIES/PHONE: We will pay all utility costs (water, heat, electric, and local telephone). You are responsible for your own long-distance telephone charges by using a phone card or your cell phone.

NO "HOUSE PARTIES": House rentals are NOT “PARTY HOUSE”, but are well-kept privately owned homes and, as such, we expect them to be treated with respect.

FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not allowed on the property.

MOVING OF HOUSE FURNITURE: House furniture, other than dining room chairs, is not to be moved, and should be kept in its original location.

LEAVING THE HOUSE FAIRLY CLEAN: The house will be clean when you arrive, and we request that you leave it in overall good condition when you leave. If the house requires an excessive amount of cleaning (over and above the standard house cleaning process) due to the fact that you or your guests left the house in an unusual state, an extra cleaning fee may be charged to your credit card or you will be billed.

Note: Access to the Punta Leona Private Club is not included with the house rental.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or request.

Randall Paniski - (506) 83457607